The best deal management software will give you the information and insights you need to know what is driving or limiting sales and revenue. This will help you turn the art of selling into a more scientific and measureable process that allows you to make better decisions and, ultimately, increase your win rates.

To achieve this it is essential to have a clear view of the entire sales process and that means having access intelligent pricing optimization. It is important to have accurate pricing and inventory information to ensure that your team is able to align the deals they are pursuing with the best prices that are in line with the buyer’s purchasing habits.

This lets you make the right choices for your business which will maximize the value of your customers and is aligned with the highest margins. Keep in mind, however, that price optimization is a complicated task that requires collaboration from several teams. A good deal-management software will aid you in this endeavor and align your products with the most effective price.

A good deal management tool will also help you save time by automatically creating and updating new opportunities as well as moving existing ones from one stage to the next stage of your pipeline for sales. It can also sort your pipeline and prioritize it to let you know which deals are most important and when to follow up with them. This helps free up your team’s time so that they can spend more time interacting with potential customers and closing deals.